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Photo by LeRoy Unglaub


Marglyph's side of the tale:

     Some folks have been wondering how a jeweler who used to live in Texas and an amazing painter from Wisconsin met and formed this interesting friendship. Some might call it coincidence but I'd call it magic.  If we hadn't met in Ripon, Wisconsin in 1999 at the International Rock Art Symposium we know that somehow or another our paths would have crossed.  We had spaces next to each other in the vendor room at the symposium and that's where our friendship began.  I went home with Geri's Painting  of two birds entitled "Dancing Thunderbirds"

     Thanks to the wonder of the internet our friendship grew and we began thinking about a website where people could see our creations and learn a little more about rock art.  Since then we have flown across the county to meet in magic places. 

     After years of longing to live in the Southwest I realized my dream and moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico in June 2006.  Just 100 miles from Three Rivers which Geri and I visited together in 2002

     We often take inspiration from one another's adventures. I took a three week trip to the Sahara in March 2007 and Geri was inspired by some of my photos. 

     Because of our shared inspiration we try to find time to travel together. In 2003 we joined forces in Southern California and have also met up in Salt Lake City, Austin, St Louis and Atlanta as vendors for some of the annual meetings of the Society for American Archeology. Geri was able to come out and visit me in 2006 in early November and we got to three rock art sites around Las Cruces and again in the fall of 2008 to visit Pecos River Style Rock Art near Del Rio, Texas.  In 2011 I flew up to Wisconsin for her annual Winter Solstice Show and in 2012 I picked her up in Las Vegas and we traveled together in Utah and attended the American Rock Art Research Association Symposium at the end of May 2012 and were together again in Austin for the SAA symposium from April 24-16th, 2013. Over the years we have continued finding ways to get together although sometimes it is just over the phone.

     Adventures might bring us together but it is also the spirit of place and the sacred images which feed our friendship and our creativity.  Emerson said, "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature." And speaking of masterpieces ... I now have custody of sixteen of Geri's!




Geri's 2 cents :)


Photo by LeRoy Unglaub

    Have you ever seen jewelry as beautiful as Margaretís?  I doubt it.  I have teased her I canít wear one of her fabulous creations while Iím out selling my work, because people get lost in the dazzle of the Stone Dreamers she creates.  

     But thatís okay!  Meeting Marglyph at the International Rock Art Symposium in 1999 was not only a stroke of luck, but as she said, fate.  Itís good to have someone to bounce ideas back and forth with, someone to lean on when faced with balancing life with artistic dreams and challenges.  Not to mention a soul-buddy to visit these very special places with.  When she gets out her pan flute and plays to the Spirits, I know we are home. They say home is where the heart is; in our case that would be just about anywhere petroglyphs & pictographs live.


     In 2000 we met in Phoenix, Arizona and had a four rattlesnake day in the Sonora desert.  In 2001 we frolicked along the Oregon coast and visited rock art sites along the rivers of the Pacific Northwest.  Then there was California, and a trip to her home turf of southern New Mexico, Three Rivers and Hueco Tanks. In October of 2008 I journeyed way south and we drove across miles of Texas to see the amazing Seminole Canyon glyphs. Most recently, on May 3, 2010 Marglyph picked me up at the Albuquerque airport.  We spent the next week exploring the ancient, sacred landscapes of Northern New Mexico including La Cieneguilla, Chaco Canyon, Bandelier, and Petroglyph National Monument. Despite being buffeted by 40 mph winds, here I'm lovin' it at Pueblo Alto in Chaco Canyon.   

    Where we will find ourselves next is anyone's guess. I'd like to get her up to the Boundary Waters carrying a canoe. She says, not likely. So, I'm thinking it just might not be the International Rock Art Conference in Albuquerque in 2013. It is always good to have a good friend to share these magical places with so it might be sooner.

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